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Teck Fuel Management Rossland

Teck Metals Ltd. will be completing fuel management work on Deer Park Hill along Drake’s Trail. The work will be continuous with, and similar to, other fuel management projects in the area.  The objective of the fuel management project is to reduce hazardous forest fuels and to decrease wildfire risk to the adjacent residents and the community.

Activities include thinning small conifers, pruning retained conifers, and removal of woody debris on the ground. Material will be piled and burned onsite.
Work is scheduled to start October 17th and take place over an eight-week period, potentially through December of 2022. The majority of work will be completed during daylight hours (8 am – 4 pm), Monday through Friday. Some work on weekend days may occur, as well.

The following impacts to nearby residents and trail users should be expected while work is occurring:

  • Temporary trail closures. Signage will be posted at entry / access points.
  • Crew truck(s) parked on Dunn Crescent.
  • Crews on foot carrying chainsaws, brush saws, jerry cans, and other forestry equipment.
  • Sounds of chainsaws and / or chippers.
  • Smell of smoke and / or visible smoke.

Map of the Treatment Area

Rachel Newton
Author: Rachel Newton

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