Licenses and Permits

Ready to start a business in Rossland? Great! Your first step with the City of Rossland will be to obtain a business license. All businesses located in or providing services within City of Rossland boundaries must be in possession of a valid business license. The business licensing process ensures consumers that businesses are operating in a safe manner. Short-Term Rentals, Dog Licenses and Burn Permit applications are also located here.

Updated Business Licence Bylaw No. 2801, 2024

At the April 15, 2024 Regular Council meeting, changes were adopted to the City’s Business Licence Bylaw to align with new Short-Term Rental Accommodation regulations. Other changes include more clarity regarding the application process and requirements, updated fees and penalty schedules. This Bylaw is will be effective May 1, 2024.

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Short-Term Rental Business Licence

Short-Term Rental information can be found on our website at If you are ready to apply proceed to the Application.

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Business Licence

Whether you have a store downtown, a cleaning company, property manager, you get the idea, the City of Rossland requires you to have a valid and up to date business licence. Fill in the application for and you will be sorted in no time!

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Sign Permits

We know you want your business to be seen, being the historical town we are, we do have guidelines around signage. If you are unsure please call City Hall to get clarification.

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Dog Licence

Dogs over four months old living within the City, must be licenced by the City of Rossland. Licencing your dog is one of the most important means of ensuring the safety of your pet. If your dog accidentally gets out of the yard, the licence allows the Animal Control Officer to identify your dog and get it back to you. Dog licences can be purchased at City Hall during regular office hours or online – choose ‘I Want To’…’Make a Payment’ from the top drop-down menu.

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Burn Permit

The City of Rossland reminds residents that open burning of yard and garden waste is prohibited within the City. The City of Rossland’s Burning Bylaw does not allow for the burning of yard waste, garbage, construction or demolition material. In some situations, a “Special Burning Permit” can be issued. Please contact City Hall if you wish to apply.

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