Other Planning Permits

Looking to alter your properties access? Cut down some trees? Get a liquor license? Check out the information below.

Access Permit

An access permit is required when you are installing an access (such as a driveway) that connects to a city street or laneway. If you are removing an existing access and or reconstructing a new one, you will also need to apply to ensure compliance with current bylaws and regulations.

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Liquor and Cannabis License

Local governments do not make liquor licensing decisions. The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) solely decide who will receive a license. However, the LCRB must consider specific community needs when reviewing a liquor license application. For some, but not all license application, the LCRB will ask local governments to provide resolution that considers factors such as the proposed location; noise impacts; and views of local residents.

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Tree Management

In order to maintain the rugged natural beauty of Rossland, the City utilizes a tree management bylaw to prohibit the cutting down, damaging and removal of trees within the City. Not every tree removal requires a permit: see the exemptions listed in the bylaw or contact the Planning Department.

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Cut and Fill

Planning to add or remove more than 20 cubic metres of soil from land in the City? You’ll need permission for that. The Cut and Fill bylaw is in place to ensure suitable materials are used for fill, that there are minimal impacts to the environment, that there are significant impacts to drainage, and to manage dust/noise/vibration and traffic.

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