Zoning & Rezoning

Zoning is a way of regulating the use of land by designating properties for a specific use or range of uses, density, siting and building form – for example, whether a property can be used for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, and what kind of building can be located on it. Rezoning is the process of changing the zoning of a property. A property owner may request a change in their property’s zoning to obtain a use or a density that is not permitted under the existing zoning.


The principal purpose of a zoning bylaw is to guide growth in a systematic way, by ensuring various uses of land and structures are compatible with each other. Zoning regulates land in Rossland and ensures that use of land and structures are compatible for the appropriate areas.

Please note that Zoning Bylaws are not the only regulatory tool that may affect the use or development of your property. Other municipal bylaws may be applicable and it is very important to review your property records for any restrictions or requirements that may be registered on title. Properties in strata developments are usually subject to additional strata rules.

Zoning Amendments (Rezoning)

Zoning can only be changed by applying for an amendment to the Zoning Bylaw. The proposed zoning must conform to the land use designation outlined in the Official Community Plan (OCP). If this is not the case, an OCP amendment application is also required.

Zoning and OCP amendment applications are reviewed by staff and Council prior to a public hearing through which Council can receive feedback from the community on any proposed changes. When both OCP and zoning amendments are required, they are usually considered concurrently by Council.

It is recommended that you arrange a meeting with the Planning Department to discuss your proposal prior to submitting an application. Please call Planning & Development at (250) 362-2329 or Email Planning & Development

See the Zoning Bylaw here:   Zoning Bylaw No.2518


Temporary Use Permit Application

A Temporary Use Permit (TUP) is a tool to allow a short-term use that does not comply with the zoning bylaw. A TUP may only be issued for a maximum of 3 years, and maybe renewed once for an additional 3 years as per the Local Government Act (Section 497).

Find the application form here.

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