Development Permit

Development Permits regulate form and character, signage, landscaping and siting of a building. They also provide conditions for protection and restoration of the natural environment, and protection of development from hazardous conditions such as steep slopes where applicable.

When Do I Need A Development Permit?

A development permit is required when the property to be developed is situated within a Development Permit Area designated in the Official Community Plan. A Development Permit allows the City to reinforce OCP policies and objectives for these areas. A Development Permit helps to ensure that development in these areas reflects the vision that the community has established.

Where a property falls within a Development Permit Area, a development permit must be obtained before the site is altered, building permit is obtained or subdivision approval. A development permit is approved by Council and sets forth conditions under which development may take place.

A Development Permit can not vary the use or density of the land as outlined in the City Zoning Bylaw. A development permit is not a building permit. A building permit must be obtained prior to any construction.

You can find the application form for a Development Permit here.

New Development Permit Areas

A new Official Community Plan (OCP) adopted on October 11, 2022 has implemented new Development Permit Areas:


Pursuant to Part 14, Section 488(4) of the Local Government Act, issuance of a Development Permit is not required for the following:

  • Routine building repairs and/or maintenance including “like for like” replacement of roofing, siding, windows and/ or doors
  • Internal renovations that do not affect the external appearance of a building or increase the floor area
  • Works authorized by a Temporary Use Permit
  • Underground service connections
  • Utility buildings (e.g., pump stations, electrical and telephone kiosks) not exceeding an area of 200 square metres
  • City of Rossland operational projects
  • A development permit may not be required prior to subdivision where subject lands are designated for form and character of development, but no development is proposed at time of subdivision; and there are no site access and circulation, lot layout and connectivity considerations that would apply per the DP area guidelines within this plan.
  • Additional exemptions for specific DPAs are provided in their respective Exemptions section


Look at the OCP or contact the Planning & Development department (250) 362-2329 to determine which Development Permit Areas might apply to your property.

You can find the application form for a Development Permit here.


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