A City Steeped in History & Heritage

As early as May, 1895, and perhaps earlier, residents of the Rossland mining camp began to discuss incorporation as a city.

Our Mountains Our Treasure

The story behind Rossland’s City Crest, conceptualized by Robert Watt, Chief Herald of Canada, and assisted by the heralds of the Canadian Heraldic Authority. The crest was granted and entered into the Public Register on February 29, 1996.

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Incorporation & Letters Patent

The legislation (known as the “Speedy Incorporation of Towns Act, 1897”) creating the City of Rossland received Royal Assent on March 4, 1897, and the letters patent, the legal instrument creating the city, was received in Rossland on March 23.

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Heritage Management Plan

Heritage conservation is about the management of a community’s past for future generations. Heritage planning is the process of deciding how to manage that inheritance. Heritage planning must be closely linked to other community planning and development activities. In February 2009, the Heritage Commission Bylaw was adopted by the City of Rossland. Some duties of the Heritage Commission include: supporting council by reviewing and submitting recommendations on land use and planning matters which have heritage implications, and providing advice on matters relating to heritage conservation.

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Rossland Heritage Commission

The Rossland Heritage Commission was created in 2009 through a City of Rossland bylaw. The Commission’s mandate is to educate those within and beyond our community on the unique heritage of Rossland and to maintain the Rossland Heritage Register. The Heritage Register identifies buildings and sites valued by the community for their historic significance in telling the story of Rossland’s development, particularly of the gold mining era, 1895 – 1929.

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The Rossland Museum & Discovery Centre

The Rossland Museum offers displays on Rossland’s social, cultural, and sport history, Consolidated Mining & Smelting Company and industry/geology in the region, West Kootenay Power & Light Co., Rossland/Red Mountain Skiing history, and many other interesting exhibits and photographs depicting the early history of Rossland.

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Olaus Jeldness

Who is he and why do the City of Rossland have a statue of him downtown? Skier extraordinaire, noted mining man. The Father of Competitive Skiing in Western Canada. Skiing was his true love, and his commitment to skiing continued long after he was an active participant. He provided two expensive and elaborate trophies for the ski jumping competition at Rossland’s Winter Carnival. Engraved with “Play not for gain but for sport. Leap not for gold but glee. Oh! Youth play well thy part. Whate’er life’s game might be”

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