Roads, Sidewalks & Pathways

Street Sweeping

The City has a street sweeping truck that is used regularly through the spring and summer to minimize dust accumulation on the roads. Residents will be informed as to when in the Spring the street sweeping program is to start to ensure that any sand they wish to have removed from their boulevard to picked up. It is not the City’s policy to return to sweep a street if residents have not cleaned up sand from boulevards.

Surface Maintenance Program

The City Public Works crew is responsible for patching and other surface works on the roads. This work is typically completed in the summer months, with a focus on remedying potholes that disrupt traffic then depending on budget constraints and other department projects and objectives, further surface defect work will be undertaken. Projects involving resurfacing of a city block or more falls under the City’s capital improvements plan.

Right of Way Maintenance

City crews provide some right of way maintenance as required to continue safe operation of vehicles or utilities. Such work may include brush cutting, ditching, tree pruning and felling and catch basin cleaning. Residents and businesses are responsible for maintaining the condition of the boulevards fronting their property.

Sidewalks, Stairs and Retaining Walls

The City is responsible for the maintenance of sidewalks and stairs on public property. If you see an issue, please report it here. Many streets in Rossland have retaining walls, the responsibility for the maintenance of these structures varies depending on who built the wall and whether it support City assets – if you have a problem with a retaining wall, please contact the City Engineer.

Street Lights and Other Utilities

Many of the street lights within the City are managed by Fortis BC, however the City should be contacted if there is a problem with any light poles, luminaires or wires. In the event of any wires touching the ground within the Road Right of Way, immediately call City Hall for assistance.


Sand is used on all residential streets as required to improve traction for vehicles and pedestrians. The application of sand is often concurrent with plowing, however in some conditions or on some roads it may not be appropriate to apply sand during this pass. Drivers are reminded to drive to the conditions and ensure that they have winter tires in good condition and either a four wheel drive vehicle or snow chains available to ensure access in all conditions.

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