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November 20, 2023, Public Hearing & Regular Council Meeting Agendas

The Public Hearing and Regular Council Meeting will be held Monday November 20, 2023 starting at 6:00 p.m. at Rossland City Hall Council Chambers located at 1920 Third Avenue

Public Hearing

Item Consideration – Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2820 – 1167 Black Bear Drive.

The purpose of the Public Hearing is to consider the Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2820 to rezone the property located at 1167 Black Bear Drive, legally described as Parcel A (see N28205) of Block 7, Section 34, Township 9A, Kootenay District Plan 707, from R-1 Residential to R1I Residential Infill.

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Regular Meeting of Council

The Regular Meeting of Council will start immediately following the Public Hearing.

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Policies and Bylaws

  • Solid and Yard Waste Regulation Bylaw No. 2817 (Second and Third Reading)
  • Building Amendment Bylaw No. 2819 (Adoption)
  • Sewer Rate (2024-2025) Bylaw No. 2821 (Second and Third Reading)
  • Water Rate (2024-2025) Bylaw No. 2822 (Second and Third Reading)
  • Heritage Commission Bylaw Amendment No. 2823 (Adoption)
  • 2023 -2027 Financial Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 2824 (First, Second and Third Reading)
  • 2024 Annual Revenue Anticipation Bylaw No. 2825, 2023 (First, Second and Third Reading)
  • Housing Agreement Bylaws No. 2826 and 2827 – Rossland Yards
  • The following policies are being reviewed:
    • New Policy – Outdoor Special Event (AD-33)
    • Energy Efficiency Building Incentive (AD-5)
    • Video Surveillance (AD-28)
    • Utility Water Leak Adjustment (AD-30)
    • Christmas Gift Certificate for City Employees (HR-1)
    • Employee Service & Innovation Rewards (HR-4)
    • Emergency Operations Centre Activation Wage Reimbursement (HR-8)
    • Council Committee System (C-3)

Staff Reports and Updates

Requests for Council Decision:

  • Development Permit Application – 4240 Red Mountain Road
  • Tourism Rossland Service Agreement Renewal

For Information Only:

  • City Reports for Council for the month of October 2023
    • Building Permit Report
    • Building Permit Inspections by Type
    • Step Code Energy Rebate
    • Public Works & Water Production
    • Eye on Water
    • Bylaw Compliance Monthly Activity Report

Requests arising from Correspondence:

  • Red Mountain Racers Event Support Request
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