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Rossland, BC – New Rossland City Hall and Affordable Workforce Housing Building will be named “Rossland Yards”.


The City of Rossland and the Lower Columbia Affordable Housing Society are excited to announce that the New City Hall and Affordable Workforce Housing Building located at 1920 3rd Avenue, Rossland, will be named Rossland Yards

Historically, the site was the location of the Red Mountain/Great Northern Railway station and rail yard, and later the highways maintenance yard. Although the GNR station and rail yard closed a century ago, railways played a central role in the history of Rossland. During earlier times, this area was a bustling, transportation core of Rossland, welcoming new, industrious members to a growing community.  In 2023, the site will once again become a community hub, with the opening of the new City Hall and new Affordable Housing for workers in Rossland.

Rossland Yards was selected from the collection of creative name suggestions submitted by community members.  The City and the Society thank everyone for their thoughtful contributions.

When complete in 2023, the landmark building will include the new Rossland City Hall, city offices and community meeting spaces on the main floor, and 37 units of affordable workforce housing on the three floors above. This project was made possible with funding and partnerships with BC Housing, Columbia Basin Trust, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund, delivered in partnership with the Government of Canada, and the City of Rossland.



“We’re excited to be getting so close to occupancy of the new Rossland Yards building.  It will become home to many households keen to find affordable housing solutions in the community in which they work.  Partnering with the City of Rossland has been a great opportunity not only to add to the housing stock but also to contribute to a new Mid-town ambience and energy, that will include not only the housing and civic services but also the skatepark, youth centre, schools, and arena.  RY will be a fabulous place to live, pay our taxes and skateboard.  I can’t wait!”

Jan Morton, President, Lower Columbia Affordable Housing Society

“We are excited to see the Rossland Yards project reaching fruition. The City of Rossland has experienced low levels of housing inventory over the last 5 years, and the 37 units at Rossland Yards will do much to alleviate the strain felt by our local employers and the businesses that rely on them.  Rossland City Council is pleased to have partnered with the Lower Columbia Affordable Housing Society to support our current and future residents, both through housing, and with a modern civic building that meets our city’s ever evolving and complex needs.”

City of Rossland Midtown Transition Area Development Committee

(Mayor Kathy Moore, Councillor Chris Bowman, Councillor Janice Nightingale)



Rachel Newton
Author: Rachel Newton

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