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Rossland City Council Adopts Recreation Master Plan

June 13, 2023
Press Release – For Immediate Release

The City of Rossland is pleased to announce that Council adopted the first Recreation, Parks, and Culture Master Plan at the Regular Council meeting held on June 5, 2023.

The development of the Master Plan commenced in early 2022, with the contract being awarded to Expedition Consulting and Lanarc Ltd. Throughout 2022, data collection, trend analysis and various community and stakeholder input events took place. Representatives from Expedition and Lanarc visited Rossland in the spring of 2022 to engage with the community and evaluate the current state of recreation in the City. Their findings and recommendations are comprehensively summarized in the Master Plan.

The Recreation Master Plan will serve as a valuable tool for Council and Staff – providing a comprehensive framework for evaluating current and future investment into recreation in our community.  It provides a framework by analyzing current and anticipated usage trends, the current state of infrastructure, population trends, environmental considerations and input provided by the community and stakeholders.

Accompanying the Master Plan is a revised project matrix and project priority list. This new matrix was created to ensure social, cultural, and environmental priorities are highlighted when evaluating potential future recreation projects.  Additionally, these tools highlight the cost impact to taxpayers of potential future projects.

The City remains committed to planning for the future of these widely enjoyed services so that they will continue being a core competitive advantage of the community. The completion of this project, and the adoption of the new guiding documents, mark an exciting milestone for Council and Staff and will help steer the future of recreation in Rossland.

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Rachel Newton
Author: Rachel Newton

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