Short Term Rentals

Short Term Rental Policy

It is the policy of Council to regulate short term rental accommodations in the City (i.e. less than 30 days) to allow residents to conduct short-term rental of a property / unit in their principal residence and to ensure those activities are properly conducted, have appropriate zoning in place and a current Business Licence.

Note: There is currently a moratorium on rezoning applications for STR designation


Policy Background

Council struck a Committee in 2016 to review the effects, impacts and issues related to unlicensed short term rental units with the City. Major concerns focused on the amount of short term rental accommodations currently listed/marketed in the City, low rental vacancy rates in the area and increasing accommodation demands from tourists/seasonal employees/etc. The intent of the regulations are to protect the integrity and make-up of Rossland as a sustainable, full service, year-round community with a healthy mix of residents and tourists.

Policy Objectives

  1. To ensure that all short term rental accommodations within the City are fully regulated and licensed pursuant to City Bylaws in order to create a minimum standard of requirements for all types of accommodators.
  2. To set a maximum amount of short term rental Units in the City to 5% of total dwellings within the City at the time of a specific units approval.
  3. To consider maximum density of short term rental units as “one per block” in the “Old Rossland” and “Redstone” Areas (i.e. not the Red Mountain Area and a part of Redstone close to the clubhouse).
  4. Consider applications pursuant to Objective #3 on a first come, first served basis.
  5. When reviewing rezoning proposals for short term rentals, the City shall consider the following criteria in determining the appropriateness of the proposal:
    • The density of short term rentals in the vicinity of the property which is being proposed to be rezoned for this use
    • The road network and parking issues that may exist or arise in the vicinity of the property which is being proposed to be rezoned for Guest Home use
    • The presence of a suite does not detract from the quality of life of nearby residents and is not intrusive in the neighbourhood
    • Proximity to commercial, recreational, public/institutional centres, or parks and major collectors
    • Impact on affordable housing and long term rentals.
  6. Except for the “Red Mountain Area” of the City, all  operators of a short term rental accommodations must be the permanent residents of the property being used and shall be engaged in the management of the Short-Term Rental.
  7. All existing properties currently zoned either Guest House or B&B have been rezoned R1STR – Single Detached Short Term Rental and are exempt from the permanent resident requirement. In order to limit the impact on neighbourhoods in the “old town” and to try to preserve a long term rental market, no new properties should be given this zoning.  If these properties do not obtain a business license then the property will be rezoned back to R1 – Residential zoning.
  8. To revoke short term rental zoning on current approved properties if the owners fails to obtain and/or renew their appropriate business licence after a two-year period from the time of its initial approval.
  9. To revoke short term rental business licence approvals on current approved properties if the owner fails to comply with any current/future City Bylaws or Policies.  Non-compliance will result in the City barring the property from holding a short term rental licence for a minimum of two years and also result in the inability of the property to obtain their refundable deposit.
  10. To fully enforce all applicable Bylaws and their regulations to ensure compliant short term rental accommodation activities within the City.

Determine your property’s eligibility by referencing the flow chart below.

See below for more information on Short Term Rental Business Licensing:

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