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McKelvey Creek Regional Landfill – 2023 Upgrade and Construction Project

Change is coming to the McKelvey Creek Regional Landfill in Trail due to the upgrade of the facility. The primary driver for these upgrades is to allow for necessary space for the upcoming Organics Diversion project. RDKB Areas A and B, and the municipalities of Rossland, Warfield, Trail, Montrose, and Fruitvale will have residential curbside green bin food waste collection starting in October 2023.

At McKelvey from February to July 2023 please expect the following:

  • Delays & Disruptions. We appreciate your patience and kindness towards staff working on site.
  • New Road Layouts. For your Health & Safety, please obey all rules on site, slow down and pay attention to changes and traffic flow on site.
  • Possible Closures. Check this page, the news page on our website, and follow our social media platforms regularly, especially before your trip to the landfill, to find out the latest about what is happening on site. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (rdkbdotcom).
  • Tipping fees will be based on volume not weight when the scales are being changed. Please refer to the volume based user fee schedule on this page.
  • Please separate and pre-sort all material BEFORE arriving at the landfill. Proper separation of materials will speed up the drop off process and it will save you money $$ in tipping fees.

So, how can you help?

  • Only come to the landfill if necessary. Using your curbside collection service will always be cheaper, more convenient and will reduce traffic volume on site. The Trail Bottle Depot(External link) in the Gulch can also be used for recycling household recyclables plus deposit based items.
  • If you do need to dispose of garbage for any reason, don’t come to the landfill with just one bag, come less often, with more bags – this will also save you $$.

Scope of Work – The Project will include:

  • Relocation of the existing recycling area
  • Expansion of the transfer station area to accommodate organics diversion program
  • Replacement of the existing weigh scale with two new weigh scales
  • Installation of water and sewer services
  • Installation of fibre optic for better connectivity
Rachel Newton
Author: Rachel Newton

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