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The Council of the City of Rossland recognizes the value to the community of local service clubs, groups, non‐profit societies and charitable organizations, especially in their efforts to promote or meet the goals and objectives of the City. Financial assistance to community groups will be part of the annually budgeting process and subject to the financial limitations of the City in a fiscal period.

Community Grant Funding

The process to apply for a municipal grant program, as well as the qualification details, are outlined in the Community Grant Funding Policy (AD-8).


Funding streams are now based on the categories below (rather than two funding streams based on amount requested):

Multi-Year Operating Grant (up to four (4) years)
An Operating Grant is a multi‐year (up to four years) provision of funds to assist with a group’s general operating expenses such as facility development, administrative costs or program‐related expenses. Operating Grants provide on‐going funding for continuing organizations that Council determines provide benefit to the community.

Grant‐in‐aid funding is for a program, short‐term undertaking with a completion date or an event with a start and finish date (may be an annual event). Programs or events must be within City boundaries, be open to the public or specified group and have free or nominal admission.

Capital Project Grant
Capital Project grants are available to community groups to assist with capital improvements and maintenance. Grants are distributed based on applications received and determined need.

Letter of Support for (other) Grant Applications
Community Groups and Registered Organizations may request letters of support from the City of Rossland Council to aid in external grant or sponsorship applications. Letters of support shall be approved by Council resolution.

How to Apply

Apply using the Community Grant Funding Application Form. The Application Deadline is October 31st of any given year. If you are unable to access the above Grant Funding Application Form, please email the Corporate Services Department or call City Hall at (250) 362-7396. Our staff will assist you with an alternative means of applying.

City of Rossland COVID-19 Community Support Fund (2CSF)

Rossland City Council recognizes the vital role non-profit and charitable organizations play in ensuring the social, cultural, and environmental well-being of our community. Council also recognizes the significant challenges that the non-profit sector has encountered as they continue to navigate the impacts of COVID-19. The 2CSF is aimed at providing low-barrier financial assistance to community organizations to support programs, projects, services, and events that benefit the citizens of Rossland and help offset financial pressures related to COVID-19.

  • Applications will be considered on a rolling monthly basis until all funds ($100K) have been disbursed.
  • Please refer to the City of Rossland’s Corporate Strategic Plan Priorities to assist you in identifying areas of alignment to strengthen your application.

How to Apply

Eligible organizations will fill out a short Covid-19 Support Fund online application form asking for basic information about their organization, how they have been impacted by COVID-19 and how they would make use of funds. If you are unable to access the above 2CSF Funding Application Form or should you have any questions, please email the Finance Department at or call City Hall at (250) 362-7396.

Staff will perform an initial review of applications, following up with applicants for additional details as necessary and preparing a report for Council. On a monthly basis at a scheduled Regular Meeting of Council, Council will review and approve funding requests up until the point that all funds have been distributed. Staff will follow up with successful applicants to sign an agreement governing terms of the release of funds.


Applications must:

  • Be made by a registered service club, non-profit society or charitable organization whose services benefit the residents of Rossland and help meet the goals and strategic initiatives of the City.
  • Provide a worthwhile service(s), programs(s) or amenity to the Rossland community and does not duplicate or compete with existing services, businesses or facilities.
  • Demonstrate alignment with relevant City guiding strategies (e.g. Official Community Plan, 100% renewable by 2050, Corporate Strategic Plan, Natural Asset Management).
  • Be able to articulate how they will use funds requested to offset costs related to financial pressures associated with COVID-19 or to support initiatives that help the organization and community continue a safe restart.
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