Freedom of Information

What is the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act?

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA) is a law that came into effect in British Columbia in 1993. The Act provides individuals with specific information and privacy rights with regards to information that is collected and controlled by the City of Rossland.

What are my privacy rights and exemptions under the Act?

  • The right of access to records in the custody or control of the City of Rossland;
  • The right of protection of the privacy of your personal information in the custody or control of the City.

Are there any exceptions to my rights under the Act?

Yes. If you are requesting records from the City, you will not get access to:

  • Council confidences
  • Another individual’s personal information
  • Information that could harm another individual’s business interest.
  • Records that could harm bylaw enforcement, the economic and financial interests of the City, other individuals or the public. Further, although you can expect the City to protect the privacy of your personal information, the City has the authority to release your information to others in certain circumstances, such as for law enforcement or to protect someone else’s health and safety.

Does it cost money to request records?

The City cannot charge you for access to your own personal information. It may, however, charge you for access to non-personal information if it takes more than three hours to find or prepare the records for release. The City may so charge you for the cost of copying and sending records to you. If the City intends to charge a fee for the records, we will first give you a fee estimate.

Request for Access to Records Form

For more information, please contact the Deputy Corporate Officer.

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