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City of Rossland wins National Municipal Award.

City of Rossland wins National Municipal Award.


Banff, AB – June 5, 2024 – The City of Rossland, B.C, has been honored with the prestigious 2024 CAMA Award for Collaboration with External Organizations by the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA).  This recognition celebrates the remarkable achievements of Rossland and its partners in the groundbreaking “Rossland Yards” project.  The award was presented during a ceremony at the Awards of Excellence Ceremony held today.

“CAMA is pleased to recognize Rossland for the municipal excellence and collaboration demonstrated by this project,” said Tony Kulbisky, CAMA President, CAMA Representative for Alberta and CAO for Westlock County, AB. “This innovative effort not only resulted in a new City Hall, but affordable workforce housing for the community.”

The “Rossland Yards” project is situated on a historically significant site, once home to the Red Mountain/Great Northern Railway station and later a highways maintenance yard. The project marks a transformative endeavor by the City of Rossland to tackle the challenges of housing affordability, civic infrastructure, while utilizing municipal lands to fulfill both municipal and affordable housing policy objectives.  Rossland Yards serves as a model for future initiatives nationwide.

Designed to provide affordable workforce housing, the project offers a total of 37 affordable rental housing units.  These include 21 one-bedroom units, 12 two-bedroom units and 4 three-bedroom units, which are managed by the Lower Columbia Affordable Housing Society (LCAHS).  Additionally, the building houses the new Rossland City Hall, Council Chambers, and community meeting spaces on its ground floor.  The $16.4 million project adheres to the highest standards of the BC Energy Step Code, ensuring sustainability and energy efficiency.

The development was made possible through partnerships and funding from BC Housing,
LCAHS, Columbia Basin Trust (CBT), Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund (in collaboration with the Government of Canada), and the City of Rossland.  To ensure effective planning, engagement, design approvals, and construction, a joint building committee was formed.  This committee was guided by a charter and collaborated closely with the LCAHS Board, senior staff from BC Housing, and City of Rossland staff and Council, to make informed recommendations on major project components.

Aligned with the City’s Official Community Plan and Council Strategic Initiatives, the project emphasizes key priorities including growth management, environmental stewardship, community services and housing.  It specifically addresses objectives outlines in the Rossland Midtown Transition Area Neighbourhood Plan.

“Strategically integrating the new City Hall with affordable housing showcases a creative approach to civic planning, maximizing the use of available space,” said Bryan Teasdale Chief Administrative Officer. “This integration signals a shift from standalone civic infrastructure projects to a more interconnected and community-oriented development model.”

A total of 45 submissions were received for this year’s awards program. To find out more about the City of Rossland’s award, as well as the other 2024 CAMA Awards of Excellence winners, visit 2024 CAMA Awards Recipients | Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) ( and look for the award recipients’ link.

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About the CAMA Collaboration Award:

The Collaboration Award of Excellence recognizes an exemplary partnership of an innovative, collaborative initiative where the outcome has demonstrated mutual benefits to all partners.  This collaboration must result in one or more of the following outcomes:  a significant improvement in service to both partners; developed new or improved processes and improved the quality of life for residents.

This award recognizes the contribution among a CAMA member municipality with other municipalities / communities or with external organizations and is not based on population.  This team effort may have been through an informal agreement or a more formal legal structure.  Nominations from both urban and rural municipalities are encouraged and should focus on the project and its implementation, not on individual’s qualities.

About CAMA:

The Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) is a national, non-profit association open to all Chief Administrative Officers / City Managers and any person employed in a senior management position that reports directly to a CAO. With a membership of 700 senior municipal employees from all parts of Canada, CAMA collectively represents more than 85% of the nation’s population.

About Rossland, BC:

Rossland is located in the beautiful Kootenay Rockies Region of British Columbia, Rossland offers both summer and winter charm.  Rossland is a city steeped in history & heritage dating back to 1897, when the community was a bustling mining town, during this time Rossland became known as the Golden City.  Today the City is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts and naturalists alike.


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