Animal Control

Dogs are not permitted to be tied and left unattended in the downtown core.  The City has designated dog parking stations located throughout downtown.  These stations are meant for brief stops  or errands while you are walking your dog and not to be used for an extended period of time.

Dog Parking Stations can be found at the following locations:

  • Below Ferraro Foods/Behind Harry LaFevre Square
  • Rossland City Hall at 2196 LeRoi Avenue (East side)
  • Behind the BC Liquor Store on the West side of the parking lot
  • Cold Beer & Wine store by the parking lot
  • Rossland Public Library in the green space
  • Beside the Post Office

Dogs must have a valid City dog licence.  Please make sure the dog tag is attached to your dog's collar.  The City Bylaw Officer or Staff will try to contact the owner of a licenced dog at-large to return the dog free of charge. However, if this is a reaccurring event, the dog is is unlicences, or the owner cannot be located then the dog may be transported to the BC SPCA West Kootenay & District Branch located in Castlegar and the owner will be charged the appropriate fines as per the City's Animal Control Bylaw No. 2548 and all applicable impound fees.

Please note that dogs must be on a leash and under your control at all times within City limits.  If your dog attacks another animal or bites a person, hefty fines will apply and your dog may be deemed dangerous.

It's your 'doody' to pick up after your pet.  Whether on public or private property, pick up after your dog and dispose of the droppings in a garbage can.  For your convenience, plastic scoop bags are stocked at several locations throughout town, such as trailheads, parks and bus stops.  It is a bylaw offence to not pick up after your dog.

For a copy of the City's Animal Control Bylaw: click here.  If you have any further questions, please contact City Hall at or call (250) 362-7396.