Rossland Secondary School

Located at 2390 Jubilee between Washington and St. Paul, RSS is owned and operated by the School Board and currently educates grades 6 – 12. The Recreation Department has a reciprocal agreement in place, allowing us to run programs in certain rooms of the facility, between 3:00pm and 8:00pm.

  • Access & Facility Information

    • Access to the facility is from the Jubilee entrance.

    • The Custodian is on site through the evening and is in charge of knowing who is accessing the facility. Please be courteous to the Custodian and respectful towards the facility.

    • Rental agreements with SD20 are to be arranged through the Recreation Department.

    • Questions that require immediate assistance (locked doors, light switches) can be dealt with by the Custodian. Questions about scheduling programs, available times etc should be referred to the Recreation Department.

    • The Recreation Department is allowed to request rental time from the School Board, for the following spaces.
      • Gymnasium (large space – suitable for sports)
      • Auditorium (large space – suitable for theatre, singing etc)
      • Cafeteria (large space, linoleum floor)
      • Library (tables & chairs)
      • Room 104 (tables,chairs, blackboard)

    • Equipment for sports programs may be the responsibility of the program coordinator. Some equipment is available for our use, but must be pre authorized and agreed upon by both SD20 and the Recreation Department. If our programs use SD20’s equipment, the Rec. Department is invoiced for the use on an annual basis.