Development Permit

Development Permits regulate form and character, signage, landscaping and siting of a building. They also provide conditions for protection and restoration of the natural environment, and protection of development from hazardous conditions such as steep slopes where applicable.

When Do I Need A Development Permit?

A development permit is required when the property to be developed is situated within a Development Permit Area designated in the Official Community Plan. A Development Permit allows the City to reinforce OCP policies and objectives for these areas. A Development Permit helps to ensure that development in these areas reflects the vision that the community has established.

Where a property falls within a Development Permit Area, a development permit must be obtained before a building permit or subdivision approval. A development permit is approved by Council and sets forth conditions under which development may take place.

A Development Permit can not vary the use or density of the land as outlined in the City Zoning Bylaw. A development permit is not a building permit. A building permit must be obtained prior to any construction.

How Do I Know If I Need A Development Permit?

Look at the OCP or contact the Planning & Development department (250) 362-2329.


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