Development Permit

Major construction and renovation projects – new construction, additions or exterior alterations to commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential buildings – require a Development Permit, as well as a Building Permit. Construction must not begin until all permits have been obtained.

What is a Development Permit?

A development permit is a permit approved by Council that sets forth conditions under which multi-family residential, commercial, industrial or institutional development may take place. A Development Permit allows the City to reinforce OCP policies and objectives for these areas. A Development Permit helps to ensure that development in these areas reflects the vision that the community has established. A Development Permit can not vary the use or density of the land as outlined in the City Zoning Bylaw.

A development permit may specify requirements respecting the character of development, including landscaping, and the siting, form, exterior design and finish of buildings and structures; environmental protection; and protection from hazardous conditions. Development permits may also impose conditions respecting the sequencing and timing of construction. A development permit is not a building permit. A building permit must be obtained prior to any construction.


When do I need a Development Permit?

A development permit is required when the property to be developed is situated within a development permit area designated in the Official Community Plan. When such a designation exists, a development permit must be obtained before a building permit or subdivision approval. Contact the planning department to find out if your development is in a development permit area.

Please note that the development permit process can proceed only after any necessary rezoning approval is in place.

To view a list of all downloadable forms and permits go to Forms and Applications page.

Contact the Planning Department if you require any additional information.

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