MacLean Elementary School

Located at 2160 St. Paul, the school is situated between St. Paul and Monte Christo. The building is owned and operated by SD20.

The Recreation Department has a reciprocal agreement in place with the School Board – allowing the Rec. Department to use the Library and Gymnasium from 3:00-8:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Access & Facility Information

  • Access to the building is from the street entrance. The Custodian is on site through the evening and is in charge of knowing who is accessing the facility. Please be courteous to the Custodian and respectful towards the facility.

  • Rental agreements with SD20 are to be arranged through the Recreation Department.

  • Questions that require immediate assistance (locked doors, light switches) can be dealt with by the Custodian. Questions about scheduling programs, available times etc should be referred to the Recreation Department.

  • The Library can be booked for child friendly programming that requires small tables and chairs.

  • The Gymnasium can be booked for programs that are physical in nature – basketball, karate, volleyball etc.