Community Grant Funding


On behalf of Rossland City Council, the City thanks all applicants for the 2021 intake.  All successful applicants have been notified.

Grant-in-Aid Funding is now called Community Grant Funding with better defined categories to assist local organizations. 

The Council of the City of Rossland recognizes the value to the community of local service clubs, groups, non‐profit societies and charitable organizations, especially in their efforts to promote or meet the goals and objectives of the City.  It is anticipated that financial assistance to community groups will be part of the annually budgeting process and subject to the financial limitations of the City in a fiscal period.

At the request of Council in 2019 to update the Grant‐in‐Aid policy, funding streams are now based on the categories below (rather than two funding streams based on amount requested).


1. Establish a transparent and consistent process for inviting, receiving and evaluating requests for grants.

2. Provide criteria to be applied in evaluating requests for grants.

3. Compliment or extend the reach of the City of Rossland’s programs and services.

4. Encourage and support civic engagement and volunteerism.

5. Enhance the quality of life for the residents of the City of Rossland.


1. Multi-Year Operating Grant (up to four (4) years)

  • Operating Grants are the multi‐year (up to four years) provision of funds to assist with a group’s general operating expenses such as facility development, administrative costs or program‐related expenses.  Operating Grants provide on‐going funding for continuing organizations that Council determines provide benefit to the community.    

2. Grant-in-Aid

  • Grants‐in‐aid are funding for a program, short‐term undertaking with a completion date or an event with a start and finish date (may be an annual event). Programs or events must be within City boundaries, be open to the public or specified group and have free or nominal admission.

3. Capital Project Grant

  • Capital Project grants are available to community groups to assist with capital improvements and maintenance.  Grants are distributed based on applications received and determined need.

4. Letter of Support for (other) Grant Applications

  • Community Groups and Registered Organizations may request letters of support from the City of Rossland Council to aid in external grant or sponsorship applications.  Letters of support shall be approved by Council resolution.

Please refer to this document to ensure you meet the application eligibility and requirements: 

Community Grant Funding (AD-5) Policy

If you are unable to access the above Grant Funding Application Form, please contact the Corporate Services Department at  Our staff will assist you with an alternative means of applying.