Columbia Cemetery

The Columbia Cemetery was established in 1899 as the City of Rossland Cemetery and served the community until it was virtually abandoned in the 1960's with no further burials occuring there and very little upkeep being done.  In the 1980's a four year restoration program was undertaken by the City to bring the cemetery back to a state where people could walk around in it and find graves.  The Columbia Cemetery was officially closed in 1985 and registered as being closed by the Cemeteries division of the BC Government with the proviso that the City continue to provide some level of upkeep into the future.

In 2009, the newly created Heritage Commission began a new project to restore the cemetery with better access, signage and mapping.  The Commission is also working to update the database and is requesting any feedback on burials after 1930 as the City doesn't have accurate locations for all the people buried then.  Feedback can be directed to the Planning Assistant.

View the interactive map of the Cemetery here.