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Rossland Midtown Mixed Use Development

The City is thrilled to be partnering with the Lower Columbia Affordable Housing Society (LCAHS) on this project to manage the leasing of affordable housing. For updates and more information about leasing the building’s 37 affordable housing units, please visit the LCAHS website.

Project Description

Under the Columbia Basin Investment in Affordable Housing agreement between the Province and Columbia Basin Trust, a grant of approximately $5.9 million is being provided for the project in addition to financing. The City of Rossland is providing the land and costs for construction of the City Hall space and is leasing the residential units to the Society at a nominal rate. Construction is expected to be completed in the fall of 2022.

The Rossland Midtown Project, located at 1920 Third Avenue, is targeted toward people with moderate and low incomes working in the hospitality, retail, and service industries in the city. The four-storey building will provide 21 one-bedroom units, 12 two-bedroom units, and 4 three-bedroom units and be operated by the Lower Columbia Affordable Housing Society – a total of 37 affordable rental housing units. The building will also contain the new Rossland City Hall and community meeting spaces on the ground floor.

Construction Information

Yellowridge Construction began work on June 7th, 2021. Hours of work follow the City of Rossland’s Good Neighbour Bylaw No. 2631 (Monday to Sunday between the hours of 7:00am to 9:00pm). Email or call with any questions or concerns: Scott Lamont, Operations Manager (778)457-5035.

Weekly Update – April 4th

Construction Completed to Date

  • Export Contaminated Fill
  • Import Structural Fill
  • Place/Compact Structural Fill
  • Excavate Install Civil Services Onsite
  • Backfill to Underside Footings
  • Form/Pour Exterior Footings
  • Form/Pour Exterior Walls
  • Form/Pour Elevator Walls
  • Form/Pour Exterior Pads & Columns
  • Damp Proof/Insulation
  • Drain Tile Installation
  • Underground Plumbing
  • Underground Electrical
  • Water Main Hook-up
  • Interior Footings & Curbs
  • Radon Pipe & Rock
  • Radon Pipe, Rock & under Slab grading
  • U/S Poly & mesh
  • Pour Slab
  • Elevator Construction
  • Joisting Level 3
  • Electrical Level 1 and 2
  • Framing Level 2 Interior Walls
  • Joisting Level 4 Roof Elevator
  • Backframe Level 1
  • Framing Level 3 Wall
  • Framing Level 3 Decks

Construction Scheduled for Next Week

  • Mechanical Level 2 and 3
  • Framing Level 4 Wall
  • Framing Level 4 Wall Prefab Phase 2
  • Backframing / Siesmic all floors
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