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The Annex

The Annex

Located on the corner of 1st Ave and Monte Christo, at 2095 Monte Christo, the Annex is also sometimes knows as “the Drill Hall” and is the current home of the Francophone School, located in the lower level of the building. The Annex is an SD 20 building, meaning it is owned and operated by the School Board, with a reciprocal agreement in place with the Recreation Department – allowing the Rec. Department to use the building between 3:00-8:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Access & Facility Information

  • Instructors are to access the building at the street level entrance. There is a set of double doors – one door is a key lock door. Keys must be obtained from the Recreation Department prior to the start of a course.
  • There is an alarm code at the Annex. The Alarm is located inside the entrance, to the right, on the stage wall. Upon entering the building, if the alarm is set, you will hear a high pitch alarm noise. The Alarm is a motion sensitive alarm. To deactivate the alarm, stand still and press the alarm code. _________________. The alarm is now deactivated.
  • The lights are located on the stage, to the left, if you’re facing the stage.
  • The emergency telephone is located in the foyer, or vestibule, located at the back of the building, through the doors. There is emergency information posted beside the phone in case you are directing an emergency vehicle to the building. The phone number is 250-362-7539.
  • The bathrooms are located downstairs. Please be courteous and respectful of the French School and their “space”.
  • Upon leaving the building please ensure that you have put all your program equipment away and the lights and heat have been turned off.
  • To turn on the alarm. Stand still; wait for the alarm to indicate “ready”. Reset the code. You will hear a “beep, beep, beep”. You have a short amount of time to exit the building. Lock the door behind you.