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Spokane/Leroi Infrastructure Replacement Update - June 13, 17

Traffic Impacts

  • Leroi Ave closed from Spokane St to Davis St.
  • Possibility of closure of Spokane St from Columbia Ave to Leroi Ave later in the week (Thursday or Friday).  Signage will be posted.

Works this week

  • Temporary Watermain testing
  • Fortis BC Gas finishing on site with by pass works.
  • Service pre locates.



Project Related Impacts to Residents

Traffic Delays – Site access for vehicles and pedestrians will be impacted. You will experience disruptions in accessing your home by vehicle, or while travelling through the site as a result of the construction activities. In order to reduce this inconvenience, it is recommended that you use alternate pedestrian and vehicle routes for the duration of the project. Certain stages of construction may require you to park off-site.

Truck Traffic – At times you will notice increased truck traffic in the construction area. Please be aware and use extra caution when on or near the site.

Noise – You will experience increased noise as a result of construction. Work will be scheduled in accordance with local noise by-laws (7am – 7pm; Monday to Saturday).

Vibration – You may experience some vibration due to the compaction equipment used during the project.

Water Services – There will be some temporary, short term disruptions to your water services at various times throughout the course of the project. Any extended service disruption will be accompanied by a minimum of 24 hours prior, written notice.

Dust – Due to the nature of the work, there will be increased levels of dust on site during construction.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above noted project or the related construction impacts, please contact the undersigned directly. Thank you for your patience while we complete these necessary infrastructure improvement works.


Darrin Albo (250) 362-7396 x1237                 Sean Annan, P.Eng (250) 509-0347 (cell)

Manager of Operations                                  ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd

Owners Representative                                  Project Manager

Expiry Date: 
Tue, 2017/06/20