Official Community Plan

The Official Community Plan provides a useful and tangible policy tool and guide for the citizens of the community, the development community and the City council. It provides a clear outline of the City's intentions with regard to future land uses and servicing across the community. It also states, in general terms, the social, economic and environmental objectives of the community. Identifying more the specific policies necessary to sustain or improve its qualities, and the changes anticipated over short term and the longer term are also objectives of the Plan.  The current Official Community Plan was adopted on October 27, 2008.

Amendments to the Official Community Plan must be approved by City Council and require a formal application and a Public Hearing. Typically, an amendment would accompany an application for a Zoning Bylaw or Land Use Contract amendment. Applicants are advised to contact the Planning Department.  All applications for an Official Community Plan amendment are made to the Planning Department on the prescribed form. Applications are processed by this Department, with the involvement of other City Departments, Provincial ministries and outside agencies, as necessary.  The OCP amendment application is available for download here.

OFFICIAL COMMUNITY PLAN (and associated schedules)


The City of Rossland, with assistance from WSP Canada Inc is reviewing and updating the Official Community Plan (OCP) in 2021.

Imagine Rossland Future Ready will take a 10+ year glimpse into the future of Rossland. It will reflect our vision, values, and plans for change.  Imagine Rossland Future Ready will help Council in making decisions on important issues such as housing, land use, transportation, our natural environment, economic development, and recreation.

A community vision cannot be created without consulting our community. So we’re asking you to show up, participate, and tell us what makes Rossland the best place to live in BC!

For more information go to the OCP Update website.