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Notice of Election by Voting - 2018


Press Release - Youth Action Network September 2018


Knotweed Program

Knotweed is an invasive plant that has the potential for high economic costs because of the damage it can pose to property, infrastructure and the environment. Knotweed can penetrate pavement, damaging roads, foundations and drainage systems, it can also clog waterways altering drainage patterns causing flooding.  See brochure below for more information.

The City of Rossland has adopted a bylaw(see below) requiring that all property owners in the City of Rossland ensure that his or her property is cleared of and remains free from knotweed.  The bylaw also states that should the owner fail to remove the knotweed, that the City may clear the noxious weed by any means necessary, at the expense of the person defaulting.


Media Release: City Recreation / Culture Public Input Project


Watering Restrictions - Stage 3 Effective Sept 4th