Heritage Commission

Rossland has a unique cultural and built heritage, spanning over a century.  There are currently many buildings and landmarks that originate from the resource mining days of Rossland’s inception, serving as a reminder of the City’s history.  Continued and new efforts should be made to ensure the rich heritage of the City of Rossland is maintained and enhanced. 

As part of these efforts, the City of Rossland adopted Bylaw 2439 in November, 2009 which initiated the establishment of a Heritage Commission. The Heritage Commission Bylaw 2589, was updated and adopted in 2015.

The scope and duties of the Rossland Heritage Commission:

  • To review and submit recommendations to Council on land use and planning matters which have heritage implications; 
  • To advise Council on any matter relating to heritage conservation, as set out in Part 27 of the Local Government Act.  
  • To recommend strategies and policies to Council, and undertake programs for the support of heritage conservation;
  • To support heritage education and public awareness through programs such as Heritage Week displays and newsletters;
  • To prepare a work program and an annual report; 
  • To raise funds and pursue partnerships for the support of conservation and promotion of heritage.
  • Each year, Council shall include in its annual operating budget a sum of money deemed necessary for the operations of the Commission. 
  • Each year, the Commission will submit to Council an operating budget request outlining expected expenditures and revenues.
  • The Commission may authorize expenditures provided for in its annual operating budget, as approved by Council, but shall not otherwise have the authority to incur any expense, debt or obligation to the City without the prior approval of Council.

For more information on heritage in Rossland, Please go to the following website: