Survey - Legalization of Recreational Cannabis

Legalization of Recreational Cannabis Survey

The Government of Canada has indicated that cannabis will become legal in summer 2018 and sold in stores. ‘Cannabis’ refers to any product made from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. It is also commonly known as ‘marijuana’, ‘weed’, or ‘pot’. It can be smoked, used with a vaporizer, or added to food or drinks. Only dried and fresh cannabis, cannabis oils, and seeds and plants for personal cultivation will be legal for purchase. The sale of edible products will follow at a later date. Many topics related to the legalization of cannabis are beyond the powers of the City of Rossland, including at what age individuals may purchase cannabis and laws related to drug-impaired driving. But the City of Rossland can regulate Retail Locations and Operational rules; Land use and zoning; and Public Consumption. We are looking for your feedback on these areas that the City of Rossland can regulate.

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