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Copies of the frequently requested City of Rossland bylaws are available below.  If the bylaw is not listed here please contact the Corporate Officer for a copy of the particular bylaw.

These documents are PDF files. Adobe Acrobat, the program required to view this document, can be down loaded free from Adobe Acrobat Reader


The by-laws available on-line are for private study or research purposes only, and they are not the official by-laws of the City of Rossland.  Only the printed version of a by-law issued by the Corporate Officer is the official version.  The City of Rossland does not warrant the accuracy or the completeness of the on-line data and in no event will the City be liable or responsible to any person for damages of any kind arising out of the use of the by-laws contained here.   It is the responsibility of the person using this information to ensure that it accurately reflects current by-law provisions.  Persons who need to rely on a bylaw for legal or other purposes may obtain the official version from the Corporate Officer.

View Available Bylaws:

2011 Council Procedure Bylaw 2522 download
2014 Council Procedure Bylaw 2580 download
2014 Municipal Tax Rate Bylaw - 2569 download
2014-2018 Financial Plan Amendment Bylaw - 2579 download
2015 Municipal Tax Rate Bylaw 2586 download
2015 Ophir Reservoir Local Area Service Parcel Tax Bylaw 2588 download
2015 Parcel Tax Bylaw for Sewer Service Bylaw 2584 download
2015 Red Mountain Specified Area Tax Rate Bylaw 2587 download
2608 - Zoning Amendment - 2016 (2) - R5 Zoning Amendment download
2617 - Zoning Amendment Bylaw (1807 Columbia Ave) download
2618 - OCP Amendment Bylaw (1807 Columbia Ave) download
Animal Control Bylaw 2548 download
Blasting Bylaw 2460 download
Building Bylaw - Consolidated download
Burning Bylaw 2383 download
Business License Bylaw 1965 download
Bylaw #2602, Zoning Bylaw download
Bylaw #2605, Water Rate Bylaw (2016) download
Bylaw #2606, Sewer Rate Bylaw (2016) download
Bylaw #2607 - Zoning Amendment Bylaw #2607, 2016 (1) download
Bylaw #2625, 2016 CLIMATE ACTION RESERVE FUND BYLAW download
Bylaw 2613 - City of Rossland Financial Plan 2016 - 2020 download
Bylaw 2614 - 2016 Municipal Tax Rate download
Bylaw 2615 - Regulate Refuse and Wildlife Attractants download
Close, Remove HWY Dedication & Dispose of a Portion of Dedicated Road - Bylaw 2555 download
Cut and Fill Bylaw 2499 download
Delegation Bylaw, 2015 - 2592 download
Design Review Committee Bylaw 2261 download
Election Procedures Bylaw 2511 download
Fees and Charges Bylaw 2274 download
Financial Plan 2013-2017 - Bylaw 2549 download
Financial Plan 2014-2018 - Bylaw 2568 download
Financial Plan Bylaw 2015-2019 Bylaw 2583 download
Good Neighbour Bylaw 2430 download
Heritage Commission (2015) Bylaw 2589 download
Heritage Commission Bylaw 2439 download
Inter-Community Business Licence Bylaw No. 2624 (2016) download
Local Government Election Procedure Bylaw 2014 - Bylaw No. 2572 download
Municipal Tax Rates 2013 - Bylaw 2550 download
OCP Amendment - Transportation Plan Bylaw 2564 download
OCP Amendment 2014(3) - Snowmaking Bylaw 2573 download
OCP Bylaw Amendment - Multi-Family Design Guidelines Bylaw 2566 download
Officers and Officials Bylaw 2472 download
Official Community Plan download
Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw, No. 2611, 2016(1) download
Ophir Reservoir Local Area Service 2013 Tax Rates - Bylaw 2552 download
Ophir Reservoir Local Area Service Establishment Bylaw 2343 download
Ophir Reservoir Local Area Service Tax Rate Bylaw 2014 - 2571 download
Permissive Tax Exemption 2013 Bylaw 2538 download
Public Notification Procedure Bylaw download
Recreation Fees Charges Bylaw 2453 download
Red Mountain Specified Area Tax Rate Bylaw 2014 - 2570 download
Red Mountain Specified Area Tax Rates 2013 - Bylaw 2551 download
Regulate Refuse and Wildlife Attractants download
Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw 2488 download
SEWER RATE BYLAW (2017 - 2019)" download
Schedule K Multiple Family Design Guidelines download
Sewer Parcel Tax Bylaw 2437 download
Sewer Service Rate Bylaw 2476 download
Solid Waste Service and Rates Bylaw 2501 download
Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw Consolidated download
Sustainability Commission Bylaw 2556 download
Tax and Utility Prepayment Plan Bylaw 2382 download
Traffic and Highways Regulation Bylaw 1977 download
Transportation Bylaw 2528 download
Tree Retention Bylaw 2389 download
WATER RATE BYLAW (2017 - 2019) download
Waste Collection Service and Rate Bylaw #2545 (2014) download
Water Parcel Tax Bylaw 2436 download
Water Service Bylaw Amendment - 2173 download
Water Service Rate Bylaw_consolidated download
Wildlife Attractant Bylaw 2505 download
Zoning Amendment (1678 Third Avenue) Bylaw 2582 download
Zoning Amendment (Red Arrow Holiday Park) - Bylaw 2581 download
Zoning Amendment 2013(5) Cook Ave - Bylaw 2563 download
Zoning Amendment Bylaw, No. 2619, 2016(6) download
Zoning Amendment Bylaw, No.2610, 2016(3) download
Zoning Amendment Bylaw, No.2612, 2016(4) download
Zoning Amenment Bylaw - Secondary Suite Size - 2567 download